Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm a complete wuss. I'd been letting my hair grow out for six months, but today I COULD NOT TAKE IT ANY LONGER. It's hot outside! I was about to die with that hair on the back of my neck. Plus, I was really starting to look like a Hag With a Shag, so off it went. I really am pleased with it, thanks to my fabulous hair stylist. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I like it a little longer than you had it at Christmas. Fabulous darling, simply fabulous!!!!
A. L.

Amanda Sue said...

cute! i love short hair in the summertime! :)

quycksilver said...

I like it!
(I don't know what it looked like before, but the pictures look good)

Anonymous said...

Boy, I sure am tired of looking at your hair. Hope you have pictures of Roxanne's new do tomorrow.
Auntie L

Daphne_Blue said...

Your hair is gorgeous, I love it!! That's pretty similar to the cut I want. Now I just have to find myself a smart-mouth goddess of a hairstylist (who's cheap) LOL.