Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Homestretch - finally

After spending a week in 60-degree temperatures, I drove back to Columbia yesterday and today I woke up to this! Glad I drove up yesterday and didn't have to worry about getting home in bad weather. It's supposed to continue to snow until tomorrow morning and then warm up a bit for the remainder of the week.

I didn't want to leave Arkansas after a week of play. It was quite exhausting, all the visiting and eating with friends and family, the shopping, and going to the movies. What a fun week! I did have to play referee between Muki, the 14-year-old cat, and Abby, the 11-year-old dog. Don said his house was like a retirement home for old pets. Muki was aggravated that his space was invaded by a dog and Abby was so jealous of Muki when I pet him, that by the end of the week they were fighting quite a lot. It was funny, really, since Muki has no claws (on any of his four paws) and Abby is a wimp. It really was like watching geriatric boxing.

Emily and I went to see THE MOVIE - twice. Three times for Emily, actually, twice for me. If you don't know about this movie and the phenomenon of the books, then you've been underwater for a while. I have to read the series for a teen lit. class I'm taking next semester and I can't wait now that I've seen the movie. I think the author nailed teenage romance and Emily is absolutely in love with the series and now the movie. I am just happy that so many young girls are reading now! Seems that most of their mothers have read this particular series, too, and I can't remember that ever happening, even with Harry Potter. Dawn read the series in less than two weeks.

Reece is just as sweet and cute as ever and I was able to see him plenty and have some quality time with him. We had a good time shopping for basketball cards and looking at sporting goods. He also reads and enjoys discussing books with me - he's the perfect kid!

Emily and I had a great time together as well and I was lucky enough to see her play two basketball games last week. I miss attending those games!

Mom's Thanksgiving meal was beyond delicious. Thanks for going to all that trouble, Mom! We all enjoyed it.

Two more weeks of teaching and two more papers to finish, which must be done by Dec. 15, then I'm off work/school for a month! Words can't describe how excited I'll be when I submit that final paper.

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