Monday, November 03, 2008

Mondays Aren't So Bad

Congrats to Sandy for finishing with comps yesterday. Comprehensives are those nasty tests you have to take in order to graduate. My first time in grad school, I got with a really good study group and we studied for two years for comps. Yes, two years. We met at least monthly and we all passed all parts of the exam on the first attempt, so it was worth it. Anyway, Sandy, I know you're relieved they're over. Wish I'd taken them, but I get to have my fun next spring. It makes me a little bit ill just thinking about it.

I'm getting excited about Thanksgiving break and going home to see the family. I am thinking that I'd like to bake some pumpkin pies and I want to use fresh pumpkin. Doesn't that sound good? With freshly-whipped cream? I need to learn how to bake pumpkins before then, though. Any suggestions?

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Sandy said...

I understand your motives, but home-baked pumpkin doesn't taste any different than what you buy in the can. But it takes about two hours more to clean, bake and prepare. If you want something fresh, make an apple pie...