Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's easier to come up with a post than it is to give it a title.

I was all set to write a happy entry this morning until I looked at and read about those poor kids in Haiti. How could a school building just collapse? Easy, when there are no building regulations. Of course, according to CNN, "Preval (Haiti's president) has since called for a review of building-construction guidelines." Isn't that how it always is in these situations? I remember a bridge collapsing a few years ago, I think it was in the northeast U.S. and drivers, in their cars, crashed into a river and many were killed. I'm sure the authorities knew the bridge was unsafe. And what about Katrina? It makes me ill thinking about the neglect and how unaware we are of most of it until it's too late.

On a lighter, much lighter, note, my friend Sandy passed her comps. exams and is coming over later to gloat and do the victory dance. Actually, she and one of her boys are coming by and we're going to lunch, then she's going to read a presentation to me for practice before her job interview on Monday. If you're not in the academic library world, you probably don't know, and you would not believe, what you have to go through just to interview for a job. It's an all-day, or sometimes a two-day event which involves coffee with people, lunch with more people, a presentation on your part, an actual interview, tours of the library, dinner with more people...good lord I'm nervous just thinking about it. And Sandy's doing all that next week.

I have to work at the library this afternoon. Saturdays are good in the library; it's calm, quiet, very little drama, so I can usually get my papers graded and do some of my own school work.

Big kiss to Emily and Reece. I miss you so much.

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