Saturday, November 15, 2008

"I wanted to talk about how we had nothing to talk about."

My internet service, the one I pay for, has been down for three days. I called the company three days ago and was told that a fiber optic cable had been cut and Missouri and Iowa folks were out of luck until it is repaired, and of course the guy on the phone had no idea how long that would be. So, I'm using my wireless and hoping it continues to work until my regular service is back on. What do you bet that when I get my internet bill I'll still be required to pay for those days I didn't have service? This happens often enough with them that I think I'll call and tell them I'm prorating my payment. Nice thought, but I probably won't do it. Probably for the same reason I don't ever return stuff. I hate returning merchandise and will only do it if it's something I need to replace. If it's something trivial that doesn't work, or I just don't like, then I'll throw it away rather than return it. My mom buys clothes without trying them on, takes them home, tries them on, and then has to return at least half of what she's bought. Not me. I'll suffer trying on everything in a dressing room before I'll take something home that I might possibly have to return.

I am working this afternoon and then I'm coming home and working on papers, assignments, etc., until I pass out from exhaustion. At least that's the plan. I have so much work to do before Thanksgiving break it's frightening.

While I've enjoyed reading most of the required reading for my classes this semester, I've experienced a Tudor withdrawal, but I found THIS BOOK at the library yesterday so I'm going to be okay for a while.

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