Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vandelay Industries

You should go here and click to give on the Literacy Site when you have time. It's free, you just have to click. There are also several places on the website and links to other sites that have some great gift ideas.

I am so sick of school. I get this way after midterm sometimes, but this time I'm really bad. Every day I have to make bargains with myself to get my work done, like, "Okay, Vanessa, if you get two pages finished of assignment X, you can watch one episode of "Project Runway." (or any DVD)

Just finished this book upon the recommendation of several people in one of my classes. Possibly one of the worst books I've ever read. Don't bother with it. This one is on my nightstand now. Haven't read that many mysteries, but they're fun once in a while.

I'm watching Seinfeld reruns and Kramer just finished preparing a salad in his shower. He has a garbage disposal in the bathtub. I never get tired of that show and find at least once a day I relate some situation in my life to a particular episode.

Have to turn off the TV now and get back to work so I can watch more TV. (I are not much of a scholar.)

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Crazy MomCat said...

But the real question is, are you an Importer or an Exporter of latex? (GRIN)