Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Update

Well. I slid all over the place this morning before I got on the main highway to go to work. It's treacherous out there and we're expecting more ice tonight. This southerner is now a Yankee, according to my brother, Dave.

Speaking of Dave, I talked with him this afternoon and I asked him how Reece's basketball team has been doing, and he said, "You mean the Lovable Losers? They haven't won a game." He said it was hilarious trying to coach a bunch of ten-year-old boys who have the attention span of a dead gnat. He said they thought they were actually going to win one game, but one of Reece's teammates made a basket, except it was in the opposing team's basket. Then, Reece caught the rebound and promptly gave the other team another basket. Wish I'd been there to see that.

Emily sprained her ankle last week and it's been hurting a lot, so she went to the doctor today and she actually has a broken ankle. Yeah, bless her heart. The doctor didn't put a cast on, however; she's only wearing a boot, but it's one of those huge, plastic things that a 13-year-old diva thinks will interfere with her serious mall shopping. Plus, it's just plain ugly. Again, bless her heart.

If you want to watch a really good movie try THIS ONE. It's a bit slow-going at first, but it is a wonderful story and has a European feel to it.

Time to put a Boca Burger in the microwave. Evenin'!

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