Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just One More Day and I'm On Holiday!

So. I didn't go to Wal-Mart to return my iron last night. I did go to Weight Watchers and I lost another two pounds, which put me at -40lbs. (Yeah, I'd gained one last week, after bragging about the -39lbs. Serves me right for boasting.) I'm tickled to death that I'm not gaining weight during Christmas. Of course, I haven't made it to Arkansas yet, a.k.a. The Place Where They Live to Eat, Y'all. And, I plan to drink lots of wine and eat pizza and cheese dip, but I'm going to enjoy it all in moderation. I recently learned what "moderation" means, and it's not that bad a word or a concept. I just had to change. Which is so difficult, you know?

Where was I? Oh, right, back to Wal-Mart. I psyched myself up to go return that stupid iron tonight and it only took five minutes, and then I bought another one and just as I was walking to the express checkout line, you know, the one with fiftyhundredthousand people waiting in the queue, a new register opened! And I got to check out first. No one even tried to get in front of me. Came home, and I've been burning CDs all night instead of cleaning house, but I don't care. It's Christmas break.

My twin sister (I wish) posted the greatest "Thursday Thirteen" today. Go take a look and you'll probably agree with most, if not all, of her entries.

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