Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's All Good

Where do I begin? I spent a week in Arkansas doting on Emily and Reece and drinking coffee with my mom and had a fabulous time! I took lots of pics and have added some to Flickr, so take a look at how adorable my niece and nephew are. They were so much fun. Reece got an electric guitar from Santa and his Uncle Don gave him a couple of lessons. He's discovered Van Halen and thinks they're the best rockers ever. Emily got a digital camera and went around snapping photos of everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing those pics, Emily. She hobbled around on her broken ankle, but was allowed to remove the boot on Christmas day so she could look, like, totally cute, um totally, 'cause she's a teenager and wants to look cute at all time. (And she does, you know.)

Dave was sick through Christmas. He had a Man Cold. Need I say more? (Really, he's better and I love him. He's the best.) My brother, Don, got me this DVD for Christmas. If you haven't seen it, do!

I got lots of nice presents and I think everyone enjoyed all their gifts. We are blessed. Thanks goes to Dawn for stringing my pearls. Now I can look like a true southern lady, even if I'm not one. Southern, yes; lady, not so much.

Auntie Linda and Mom hosted the Nieces' Party and we had a blast. It was great seeing cousins Luann from Austin, and Lisa. They are hilarious and Emily was initiated into the Clan of Loudmouth Goddesses. I don't think I sat down the entire week; constantly on the go, trying to cram in a lot of visiting and shopping and dining. Oh, the food. I ate cheesecake every day and didn't care! That's what I call a holiday!

My only regret is that I didn't spend enough time with Grandmother Bera. She wasn't feeling well and didn't enjoy Christmas very much, bless her heart. We did manage to have lunch one day and a couple of short visits, but she really didn't feel up to much else. She's on the mend, however, and plans to celebrate her 100th birthday in a few years and I have no doubt she'll make it.

Roxy and Auntie Linda are coming up tomorrow to celebrate New Year's Eve with Abby and me. We're leaving the doggies at home while Auntie and I give the casino our money. I'll have a Doggie Surprise Pic for you later! (Hint: matching dresses.)

Now, I need to clean house, put up my new book shelves, and go grocery shopping. Gotta get a bottle of cheap champagne!

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Miz S said...

Poor Grandmother Bera! Still, I'm sure she enjoyed seeing you even if it was only short visits.

Have fun on New Year's Eve.