Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm Off!

I'm so excited! As soon as I finish this post, drink another cup of coffee, get dressed, load the car, and put Abby in the front seat, I'm off on my 5.5-hr. drive to Arkansas to see my babies! Reece is spending the night with me tonight at Mom's and my brother, Don, is coming over and we're going to have pizza and watch a movie. Tomorrow night, Auntie Linda and my mom are hosting a "Nieces Party" at Auntie L's. My wonderful girl cousins are coming, and I'm bringing Emily because she'll get a kick out of seeing all of us together. My cousins are all smartmouths, and extremely funny and we are going to have fabulous hors d'ouvres and wine and will giggle for hours.

Last night, my brother, Don, called and texted me about twenty times. He was out doing his Christmas shopping and wanted his older sister's advice, which I'm always happy to provide, even when I'm not asked. Don's one of the best gift-givers I've ever known. He just has that knack of knowing what one likes and he always delivers. Last night he was a bit confused on what to buy Emily, and he kept asking me, "What about a ___?" Or, "do you think she'd like it in _____(color)?" etc. Emily, you don't really think I'd post everything he said, do you? hee hee!

I'm also taking Abby to her former groomer while we're away. I haven't found anyone here who does as good a job on her as Debbie in Arkansas. I, too, am going to get groomed next week by my favorite hair stylist, Marka! I can't wait to see her and get a good haircut. My once-short hair is now down to my shoulders and it looks nasty, so I'm hoping Marka can make me look good.

So, Happy Holidays to you all! I'm taking lots of pics over the week and I'll try to post some next week, if I can stop hugging on Emily and Reece long enough to do so.

Love you all!


Library Lady said...

Have a fabulous holiday--you deserve it!

Julie said...

Love this picture of Ronald Reagan looking so rakish with a cigarette dangling from his lips. He was young and handsome and not yet conservative. All good things.

Happy New Year, Vanessa.