Sunday, February 27, 2005

This One's Devoted To Reece - Sorry Emily!

Happy Sunday to all. I'm not feeling so hot today, so I'll probably stay in today. I have a lot of reading to do anyway for the Lit. class I'm auditing.

Yesterday was Emily's official birthday and she had a party with her friends, so I entertained Reece for most of the day. We went to see the movie, "Are We There Yet?" and Reece liked it. He got mad at me for eating his candy, though. Reece, next time you hand me a box of half-eaten Junior Mints, tell me you're going to want some more in an hour! I did go buy him another box, however, and he forgave me.

Cute Reece Story: After the movie we went to the toy store in the Mall so Reece could buy a truck he had seen there earlier in the week. Well, praise the toy maker it was on sale and he could buy TWO for just a couple more dollars!! Of course we left the store with two trucks and I looked at him as he was swinging his bag and asked him if he was happy. He replied, "Nessa, what boy wouldn't be happy carrying a bag this heavy out of the toy store!" Duh, Aunt Vanessa!

One more Reece story. I'll make it quick. He loves messing with his hair. Every morning this seven-year-old first-grader sprays something called "No More Bedhead" on his hair so that it'll lie flat. He does it, not his mom or dad. Yesterday, he put gel in his hair so that the top would stand up. He showed me the tube of gel and it was Paul Mitchell. The boy has good taste. Anyway, his dad told me that Reece told him (David) that he would like to style hair when he grows up. I can just visualize my right-wing-conservative-homophobic-brother handing Reece a football right about that moment.

That's it for this cloudy Sunday. Love to all and write me and tell me what's going on. You don't have to sign up under the "comment" section on this site. You may simply e-mail me at: and I'll post your comments for you. Talk to you later!


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