Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Hobbit Is So Cool

We had a fun night last night celebrating Emily's birthday. (By the time you read this, Emily, you'll be eleven years old. Happy Birthday, Darlin'!) She certainly made a haul last night with all the gifts. Those shoes Mimi (my mom, Ann) got her were so cute, I think I'll have to buy some for myself!

My brother, David, told the most hilarious story last night about Dawn's (my sister-in-law and Emily and Reece's Mom) Aunt Linda (does everyone have an Aunt Linda?) and her husband, Mike. It seems that Linda and Mike, although happily married for many years, have not one romantic molecule between the two of them. However, this Valentine's Day, Mike bought Linda a CARD and a HEART-SHAPED BOX OF CANDY! Needless to say, Linda was bowled over by the unexpected gesture. After receiving the valentine, Linda had to go outside for something and when she returned she decided to eat a piece of chocolate candy. She opened the heart-shaped box and it was empty. She looked in the living room and there was Mike chewing. YES, folks, he had eaten all the candy. I guess it truly is the thought that counts, but come on, Mike! Many thanks to David for passing that story on to us last night. He had us all cracking up. He told another one, too, but I'll save it for a dry spell.

I took Emily and Reece to see "The Hobbit" tonight at the Forum. It was Reece's first play and he loved it. So did Emily. They sat perfectly still for over two hours. I think that's a record for Reece. It was a very good performance and I hope you all get to see it this weekend.

I'm posting some pics from last night so you guys can see how gorgeous Emily is, again! There's a good one of both kids that I'm posting.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'll talk to you soon.

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