Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Pope Is In The Hospital, Again

I was talking to Emily on the phone this afternoon and she said she really liked my website. Thanks, Emily!! She also said, "You know what I think would be good? If you put more pictures of Reece and me on your website." Isn't that the cutest? Well, you got it, Baby Doll! I'll be posting TONS of your photos to this site for everyone to see how gorgeous you guys are.

I also talked to Auntie Linda today and she told me that her TWO-AND-ONE-HALF-YEAR- OLD grandson is now using the F-word. Oh, yes. I think he's hearing his daddy, Ryker, spew a few choice words and he's picking out the ones that'll embarrass the folks during church service. Ryker and Candee: watch your potty mouths arounds the kiddos!! Do what I do: save it for when you are behind the wheel and it's okay to be a trash-talking monster!

Thanks, also, Auntie for the comment. I will say, however, that if you'd attended my graduation party in December you would have actually met Terrica! Ahem.

Tonight is Phase I of Emily's birthday, which is actually Saturday. It always takes us about three days to celebrate a birthday in this family. We're having the family party at Dixie Cafe in about 30 minutes. We'll eat and Emily will get to open gifts. Look for photos of the party in the days to follow.

Love to all my friends and family and I'll talk to you soon. Comment or e-mail me at: anytime! I would love to hear from everyone! Bye!


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