Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Tidbits

Check out my darling niece! She's a great basketball player and gorgeous, too. I love the red fingernail polish. She's the perfect combination of athlete and girly girl. I just love her!!

Our snow didn't last very long. Tomorrow it's supposed to be back up to sixty degrees.

I worked on graduate school applications all weekend. I'm still not finished. Tomorrow, I have to go by and pick up one of my letters of recommendation, then get to FedEx and overnight the letter and application in order for it to get to Texas Woman's University by the 15th. Oh, and I have to do this on my lunch hour. That'll be one application down and five more to go. I'm sick of this already. I just want to call these schools and say, "Just accept me and let me get on with it!" More on this subject as it unfolds.

I've been trying to go see "Brokeback Mountain" for weeks, now, and something always comes up. Is it worth the worry?

Michelle Kwan resigned from the Olympic team. I'm so sad for her. I'm now putting my money on Sasha Cohen. She's really the only one of the three U.S. skaters who is Olympic-quality. The other two are okay, but not good enough to win. If Sasha performs at her absolute best, she'll beat Irina Slutskya. Anyone else watch ice skating? I don't know a single soul who cares about it, so I only have Abby to talk with about it, and she only listens and never comments.

I talked to my grandmother Bera today and she talked for ten minutes about Roxy. Roxy and Auntie Linda have been staying with Bera while my mom's been in Mexico, and Bera's gotten attached to Roxy. I've always thought she needed a little lapdog, but she never has wanted one of her own. I'm glad she's gotten to know Roxy and understand how sweet she is. I really miss Roxy, even though I love Abby and it's better not having the two dogs together.

What's this about Dr. Phil working for now? What does he know? He is such a blowhard. I only like Oprah a teeny bit more than I do old Phil. And that's not much.

I read an interesting book last week, The Historian, and I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did. I hesitate to say that it was about a search for Dracula's tomb, because it wasn't a horror novel. It was full of Medieval history and often read like a travelogue of Eastern Europe, so read it if you like those two subjects. The "Vlad the Impaler" stuff isn't spooky, I promise. I'm starting The Glass Castle tonight. According to Mary it's a good one.

Now it's time to find something for dinner. Think I'll go make some pasta.


Miz S said...

I had pasta tonight! It was yummy and comforting. The grad school applications have got to be overwhelming. Grit your teeth and get it over with.

irene said...

Emily is so beautiful!!! oh the red fingernail polish!!! LOVE IT!!!

Amanda Sue said...

"blowhard" - HA! what DOES he know? and why does he get to call himself "doctor?"

emily is gorgeous, with the reckless abandon of youth that does not think it will ever go away!

candee said...

15 if my favorite number!!! I love the fact that she's beautiful and and all sporty too!!