Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Guest Blogger Today

Hi. My name is Cranky McSnot, and I’m taking over Vanessa’s head for a few days. I started seeping into her sinus cavities a couple of days ago, and yesterday I decided it was a pretty nice place, so I unpacked my bags and decided to stay for a while! She’s making futile attempts to try to get me to leave, however, but I’m not going anywhere for a while. She keeps taking AllegraD, and this morning she took a Benadryl and slept all morning. I got kind of bored, so I started blowing up balloons in her nostrils. She had to breathe through her mouth. Boy, did that make her irritable! She’s not even eating, so I know I’m really getting under her skin. I guess I should go now and practice my boxing. She’s got this swollen uvula in the back of her throat that makes a terrific boxing bag!

Snots and kisses,
C. McS.


Amanda Sue said...


i am so glad to hear that you have moved on. i was pretty tired of you, to tell you the truth. i am sad that you chose my friend Vanessa to inhabit. perhaps she needs to try irrigating her sinuses... :)

snot to you too,
amanda sue

Nicole said...

Out ye evil virus! OUT!

Tell Vanessa I hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

we need to introduce you to the guy who lives under yellow toenails.

Library Lady said...

Your cousin Pesky says hi, Cranky. He's been living with me for YEARS. Sometimes he wanders off for a while, but no mattter how many times I try to leave him in the forest, he always leaves a trail of used tissues and finds his way home.

And now his son Pesky Jr seems to be trying to move in as well. My daughter would probably refer to him as one of her "mortal enemies"!

DebbieDoesLife said...

I hate you Cranky! I know its Christmas and all that but I seriously hate you. You stopped here first and now my youngest is all full of snot. Next time you want to go to Vanessa's, please skip my house.

Sorry V - hope you get better soon.