Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bera!

Doesn't she look great? She's proud to be 93 years young today. I just talked to her and she was already having a wonderful day. She had one of her sons and a couple of granddaughters fussing over her and she's expecting company all day long, so she's loving it. I miss her and told her I was crazy about her and she said, "I know you are." It should be obvious from whom I inherited my smart mouth.

Reece is at football tryouts this morning, and Dawn says he's got a stomach virus. He skipped dinner last night - that's a sure sign he's sick. Hope he's alright and gets to play on a team he likes. Dawn said there were over 200 boys trying out for teams, and they all will be placed on a team. Hopefully Reece will have time to call me in the next few days and fill me in on the details. I love to listen to him talk about football - he's like Rainman with the stats.

I guess Emily's okay, too. I've had one five-minute conversation with her in the last two weeks and I was lucky to get that! She's busier than a one-armed paper hanger and I have no idea how she manages such a full schedule at her age, but she loves it. We'll get to spend some time together over Thanksgiving break.

Speaking of break, I never seem to have one. I even canceled Netflix for a while. Can't stand it, however, and will probably resume it soon, even if it's only one movie at a time. The last movie I watched was THIS and I was entertained. Wouldn't want to see it again, but I did like it and would recommend it for the suspense and the lovely accents.

Just finished reading THIS BOOK for my Readers' Advisory class. Bleh. Not a fan of fantasy, except for Harry Potter, but I had to read it to get the gist of popular fantasy novels. Now, I'm moving on to the Romance genre and I am about to start THIS BOOK - can you say "Cheesy?" When you open the cover, there's another picture of a half-naked woman and a gorgeous hunk of a man and it makes me vomit just a tad whenever I look at it. Can't wait to start reading it!

Working at the library this afternoon. It'll be absolutely dead, I'm sure, since there's a MIZZOU football game at 6 and everyone will be tailgating. Except nerds like me.

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