Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a Difference a Week Makes

I was so stressed about everything earlier this week, but now that I've seen how my days are going to be, I'm fine! I have someplace to be every day, but often it's only for an hour or two, which leaves me plenty of time to study. I taught my first class yesterday and my students are adorable. Half of them are Freshmen and they all seemed interested in being in the class, especially when I told them that all they had to do was show up and do their assignments on time and they'd earn an A in the class. I think I'll take them some candy next week!

I'm loving working at the library, even when someone asks me a question I have no idea how to answer. It's a constant learning experience and when I actually do help a student find something they need, I'm thanked about a million times. One of my fellow TAs said that she's addicted to the adoration. I thought that was funny.

Just finished reading THIS BOOK
for one of my classes and I really enjoyed it. Add it to you list!

The electricity keeps cutting off while I'm writing this because this huge thunderstorm just hit. Better go put a diaper on Abby. Storms make her pee!

Here's something I didn't know, but I'm going to check my tires in the morning:

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Library Lady said...

I'm addicted to the fun of answering questions.
I could do without the adoration of the moms who come to programs--I'd rather have them visiting to borrow books--but on the other hand, it's kind of fun to hear a 2 year old has been talking about you at home, or pretending to be you doing story hour!