Thursday, September 25, 2008

More of the Same, Just Different Books

Earlier this week I was thinking about how much I have to do this semester and how to fit it all in and still keep up with "Project Runway" and maybe even try to watch a Netflix movie (no, I couldn't give it up) and then I received an e-mail from my TA advisor telling me that beginning next week I'm going to have to teach an additional class. That's more time teaching and grading. I haven't taken a nap all week. How quickly we become spoiled by something.

I'm taking a Children's Literature class and some of us meet on Wednesday nights at a coffeehouse with our professor and do our discussion face-to-face rather than doing it online. My two other classes are mostly posting online, so this is a treat to actually have conversations about our readings. There are eight of us who meet and we talk about the readings, and more children's lit, and young adult books, and then we invariably stray to conversations about our dogs and kids and fruit smoothies, then wine, and eventually we end up talking about sex. Then, in the parking lot afterwards, we talk about how much we hate Sarah Palin. (Hi, Kelly!) It is so fun. I look forward to it every week.

I have no meetings today, so I'm going to the grocery store in a few minutes, then I'm coming home and studying the remainder of the day. Abby and I will go for a walk around 5:00 today and then I'll study more and make something for dinner and continue reading. This is my life.

I'm reading this book for one of my classes and I watched the movie last Sunday, thinking it would help me with the book, but no. I'm only 40 pages into the novel and it's nothing like the movie, but I do like it and will be glad to right a review on it for class. Here's a good one, too. It's supposed to be a kids' book, but I can't imagine a kid enjoying it, but I loved it. I'm going to buy it and give it to Bera for Christmas. I'm learning about some really good books for Reece, so he's getting some for Christmas as well.

That's it for now.

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Crazy MomCat said...

I think that's so neat that your in a Children's Lit class. That sounds so fun to me!

I was the same way with Geisha. I started it and never finished it and then never saw the movie because of that. (I hate watching before I read a book.) I'll have to pick it back up next. Now, I'm finally back to reading A Thousand Spendid Suns which has been so good I can't believe I didn't read it all in one sitting before!