Sunday, March 02, 2008

Anniversary and So Much More

February 21 was my three-year blogiversary and I didn't realize that until yesterday. When I began this blog, I had no idea what I would write about, and mostly that still holds true. I knew I'd write about Emily and Reece, and thus the name of my blog. Other than that, I had very little ambition. Most of my readers are family and they practically never comment, but if I skip more than a week of posting a blog, I always hear from them, so, I know you're reading, family. I have a few fellow bloggers who read, and I love y'all dearly. Your blogs are so good and I love reading them and I feel as if we're friends. I'd love to meet all of you someday and have a cup of coffee and hear your voices! Some of my friends and coworkers read and therefore I have to watch what I write about work. So, thanks, guys, for reading me for the last three years. I'm sure you'd like to have that time back to put on your life, huh?

Nothing much going on here. It's 60 degrees and I've been inside all day working on a paper. Tomorrow we're expecting two to four inches of snow. Yes. The weather here is even more strange than that in Arkansas. Yesterday my friend, Dawn, and I spent a nice afternoon having lunch and being girls and going shopping. We looked at handbags, jewelry, stuff for our homes, and of course: shoes. Dawn, you are so much fun. We've both signed up to begin a drawing class this coming Thursday night for five weeks. Dawn's a graphic artist, and I can't even draw a crooked line, so I know who'll do all the laughing in class. I've always wanted to take drawing lessons, though, and I'm getting old, so now's the time.

I need you guys to keep your fingers crossed for me for the next month. Yes, you may uncross them to eat, but then cross them back again. I'm up for a teaching assistantship for the fall and I really, really, really want the job. My friend, Sandy, has been a TA for the last year and she loves it and has talked me into applying for a position. I'll know something by the first part of April and I'll let you know whether I get hired.

Haven't been reading as much as usual, but I'm finishing this one, and I'm also reading this one. Thought I'd read it before seeing the movie.

I started watching the series "Weeds" and I think it's very good. Those Showtime series, at least the ones I've seen, have all been great. Last night, after doing some homework, I watched "Across the Universe." If you've not seen it and you love the Beatles, you will like it, but you won't love it. I ended up fast forwarding through some of it just to get to the ending. It wasn't a total waste of time, however. I'm going to watch this movie tonight. My photographer friend, Nic, tells me I'll like it and he gave me the accompanying book, but I can't remember the title of the book and it's in my bedroom and I'm too lazy to get up and get it so I'm not posting a link to it. Wait, I think it's Speedology. Still not getting up.

Time for a late lunch and I really want a hamburger. I haven't eaten one, or any red meat, in so long I don't remember. Think I'll go to Wendy's and get a burger with cheese on it. Now my stomach is growling.


Miz S said...

Happy blogiversary! (I swear. We bloggers are so lame with all our little blogging words. Blogiversary! Blogosphere! Blogher!)

I will keep fingers and toes crossed about the TA position.

And yes, we are friends, and someday I hope we can be friends in real life.

Library Lady said...

Hippy, happy, hoppy, Blogiversary!!!

blows horn, throws confetti

I'll keep lots and lots of good thoughts for your getting the position. But I do need my fingers for all those story hours and my toes for ballet. :}

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am family and I will comment just so you know we really do read you.