Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stop! In the Name of Good Writing

Have you ever had a week in which absolutely nothing blog-worthy happened? That's why I haven't posted an entry this week.

Still reading the Al Gore book. I only read a chapter a day and that's slow reading, but this isn't fiction that one can zoom through with entertainment being the only purpose. I can't stress strongly enough how important this book is. Of course, Gore's message right now is crucial to the survival of our planet, I know. Did anyone watch any of the Live Earth concerts yesterday? It was on the Bravo Channel all day and I watched it off and on throughout the day. I question the sincerity of many of the performers and I cannot tolerate Hip Hop, nor Madonna, so much of the time I didn't watch it. The PSAs were informative and very positive, however, so overall I think it was a positive event.

THIS was my latest Netflix choice. It was a cute, happy film that made me laugh and I recommend it. It's not a chick flick in spite of its title.

There is a huge, black cat who has taken part-time residence outside my front door. S/he is twice Abby's size and has a pair of glorious green eyes and Abby can't stand it when we go out and s/he's lounging by my door. Abby barks and the cat hisses and they have this standoff every single time we go for a walk. It really stresses my old dog and I'm going to have to run off the cat somehow.

I owe you guys about a thousand apologies for this boring post. And the cheesy attempt to make it look more appealing by changing fonts. Did I fool anyone with that useless ploy? I think not.

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