Sunday, July 29, 2007

She's Fine

Emily's first ER trip due to a sports injury was Friday, in Orlando, right before a game in the Fastpitch World Series. Did I mention that Emily's softball team is in the TOP 10 in the nation? Yeah, they didn't need their catcher missing a game during the tournament, but she had to make a detour to the emergency room for a CT scan! It seems that she got hit in the head, right on her pretty forehead, by a not-so-soft softball and it immediately swelled to the size of an orange, so Dawn and Dave rushed her to the ER to have it checked it. She is okay now, just swollen and has a persistent headache, but was able to return and play a game later that day. Right now her team has won all but one game, and we're hoping they get to play in the finals later today. SO GLAD YOU'RE ALRIGHT, EMILY!!


Miz S said...

Wow. That's a little scary. You don't wanna mess with the brain. Glad she's okay.

Amber Sanders said...

I am so glad she is okay!That damage would not be good.