Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Shelby's right, my hair does look like a helmet."

If I can get off the sofa today, I'm going to the gym. It opens at 11:00. I reeeeeeally overdid it yesterday. I had all the time in the world and so I stayed on the treadmill a long time, listening to THIS CD that I downloaded to my iPod. Such good music. Then, I tried all the upper-body weights and machines that exist in the entire world and now I can hardly pick up the spoon with which to stir my coffee. Today, it's lower body and abs I'm targeting and tomorrow I'll be so sore I won't be able to walk and I'm going to get up and go anyway and I swear this is the last time I'm going to mention the gym because it really bores me to read about anyone else's workouts, so I'm sure you're bored by this.

I ordered the upcoming Harry Potter and can't wait to read it. There is a good article about it on today: here ya go. I started THIS ONE yesterday. (I'll never finish the Faulkner, Mary, even though you say it's one you loved in high school. When I was in high school I loved this one to pieces and still do and actually read it about every year and love it even more each time. I've read plenty of Faulkner and loved many of them, particularly As I Lay Dying, but The Sound and the Fury will have to wait until I have more patience. I'm not a huge fan of Modernism, but more on that another time.) Anyway, back to the Gore book - I've only gotten through about 30 pages and I'm as angry as a hornet already. I'll rant more when I finish the book. Oh, and then I'll go see "SICKO" and get steamed about that issue. Perhaps after all that I'll read some Jane Austin just to take the edge off my rage and fury.

On a lighter note, I'm going to bake some chocolate chip cookies today. I bought a new Pampered Chef baking stone (I lost my stones when I moved) and I can't wait to do some baking. The chocolate is semi-sweet, which brings me to my chocolate survey. I heard from several coworkers who read my blog and they all said they preferred dark chocolate. I think I prefer dark when I'm really craving chocolate, but milk chocolate if it's just sweets in general that I want.

I watched this movie last night. {sigh} I'm surprised I didn't like it. I always like the Coen Brothers' stuff, but not this one. It was supposed to be smart, funny, intriguing. It wasn't. In order to be a good satire, it should be more subtle than this movie was. Not that some of the acting wasn't very good (John Goodman) but some good acting doesn't make it worth one's time. Don't waste your Netflix choice on it.

Independence Day is funky this year, since it's on a Wednesday and I don't have any days off other than that day. I have no plans for that day, other than maybe sleeping in. I've seen fireworks a hundred times and until they come up with something new in the category, I have no desire to sit outside in the heat and watch any more of them. I am truly sounding like an old person.


Irene said...

you're inspiring me to go to the gym too! though I know the "I can hardly pick up the spoon with which to stir my coffee" feeling so well. the day after exercising I always tell Sean and Will "don't touch Mommy! don't touch Mommy!"

Miz S said...

Dark chocolate for me.

I feel the same way about fireworks. In fact, I actively dread them because April is a big damned baby and spends the evening shivering and panting and trying to crawl inside my shirt.

Emily said...

haha. well, chocolate is chocolate for me!!! it just doesn't make a difference as long as it's chocolate. yum. oh, and f.y.i, as i lay dying is also a band!!! luv ya!! -em