Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Holy Moses

I've watched the old "Ten Commandments" movie, the one with Charleton Heston, at least thirty times in my life. I just love it and can't NOT watch it whenever it's on TV. (Same goes for "The Godfather" and "Braveheart.") Last night, a new production of Commandments premiered on ABC. I was curious, so I watched. The second, and final, part is tonight. So, my big question is, What's up with the BRITISH ACCENTS??? It's terrible! These are desert-dwelling Hebrews and they all have British accents. I'm writing to ABC to complain. Plus, Moses has fair skin and blue eyes. And, Omar Sharif? Give me a break. Whenever there's an ethnic part to be played, they always call on him. Like they always used to cast Ricardo Montalban, remember?

Speaking of Moses, did you hear about Gwyneth's little baby Moses? Aside from being really, really funny to me, I just don't care. Nor do I care that he has a big sister named Apple. What is it with this fascination with celebrities and knowing all about their personal lives? Of course, the fact that I just wrote this paragraph perpetuates their fame, doesn't it?

I will say, in defense of the fascination with celebrities, I was glad to know one little tidbit when I was watching "How To Marry A Millionaire" the other night. I've seen the movie probably five times and never caught this line: When Lauren Bacall's character, who is twenty-five, is trying to convince her fifty-five-year-old suitor that she prefers older men, she says "the old guy in 'African Queen'? I love him!" (African Queen - Another superb movie, by the way.) Anyway, I thought that was cute and if I'd not known anything about Lauren Bacall's private life, I'd have not enjoyed that line in the movie. I just can't believe it took me that many viewings to catch that!


irene said...

I've watched Ben-hur at least 20 times but I've never watched the Ten Commandments! Can you believe that?

Suburban Turmoil said...

Hubs and I caught a few minutes of The Ten Commandments on TV and couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculous-ness of it and the really bad acting. Yeesh.

Julie said...

I'm sorry I missed the new Ten Commandments. Sounds like a good laugh.

The celebrity thing -- it's weird to me how some celebrities garner tons more attention than anyone else. Like why is Jessica Simpson on EVERY magazine I see at the checkout stand? Jessica, Britney, Brad and Angelina, Tom and Katie --I don't think I've seen a headline about anyone else for months.

Library Lady said...

My DH will LOVE the African Queen joke--we are major Bogey fans. I missed that part of the movie--I was channel surfing between that and something else.

Gwyneth Paltrow has moved to the top of my "celebrity parents who should be slapped for their kids names" list. You'd think with an unusual (if lovely) name herself she'd get it. But she doesn't.

Vell, vhat sort of accent SHOULD they have had in the 10 Commandments--Brooklyn? OY!!

After all, in "I Claudius" the upper class all spoke with BBC English accents and the plebians with Cockney sort of accents. Worked pretty well.........