Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday night the family celebrated Dawn's and Don's birthdays by going out to dinner. We had a good time, as usual, and ate some good food. Sadly, Emily had to leave the party early because she had a date, yes a date - I can hardly stand to even type the word - with Matt to go to the movie. As excited as I am for her, really and truly I am, I'm also so freaking sad I could cry. In fact, tears are trying to escape my eyes right this very second. I'm losing my little girl niece and she's being replaced by a preteen who would rather go out with her boyfriend than hang out with me. I'm taking it too personally, I know, but crap, I have the right to be irrational if I want! All I can add to this now is, thank God for softball! It's probably the only way I will get to see a lot of her this summer.

Reece, Abby, and I went to the park yesterday for a little playtime. I will, however, count it as exercise since I spent the entire time chasing after Reece and climbing hills and breathing the fresh, humid air. I had a great time with the boy. Look at my Flickr photos to see how cute Reece was yesterday. Afterwards, I went home determined to finish the fourth Harry Potter book, and I finally did, after a three-hour nap! It was cloudy and warm and the sofa was really inviting, and before I knew it, it was 6:00 p.m. Guess I needed the sleep.

Upon Angela's recommendation, I'm going to start reading Bob Dylan's latest bio today. I also have some Alice Munro short stories I want to read. Then, I'll tackle the remaining two Harry Potters in the next month.

This morning, Abby and I went to the YMCA park, which is very near my house, and we walked one mile around the track. That's 100% more walking than I've done in a long time, and I was actually sweating! Abby's now passed out on the floor. She couldn't even make it up onto her perch on the top of the sofa. She's as out-of-shape as I am. I feel better, however, mentally as well as physically and intend to walk every single day. It's not as if I have anything else to do right now.

Speaking of being out of work, I did substitute teach Friday for half of a day. Fourth graders. Eighteen of them. Piece o' cake, I thought. Until I actually started trying to be the teacher. (I don't know how you do it everyday, Mary.) It was a challenge trying to get them to stay in their seats and not all be in my face all the time. "Ms. Adams, I have a loose tooth...Ms. Adams, Justin took my book...Ms. Adams, I need to go to the bathroom...Ms. Adams, she can't go to the bathroom alone, I'll go with her!" It was like that all afternoon. I did, however, melt about eighteen times, everytime one of them smiled at me. They were great and I actually got some hugs when the day was over. I'm teaching high schoolers next Wednesday. That should be interesting.

As much as I don't want to start another real job, since I'm going to be leaving in August to return to school, I have to be realistic, and therefore I have a second interview with a doctor's office on Tuesday. This will be different from my last job, however, since I will be working for only one doctor and will be mostly filing insurance and will not have to deal with patients all day long. The pay is good and the office manager is an old friend of mine, whom I really like and so I actually hope I get the job. I can then begin to save some money for the big move = destination still unknown.

What's in store for the remainder of my weekend? I have got to wash dishes, wash clothes, give Abby a bath, and color my hair. Sounds like fun, I know! Think I need a little Van Morrison to get me going.


Julie said...

Reece is quite the handsome little boy.

I'm late to this party. What are you going back to school for and where are you thinking of moving?

Miz S said...

I'm so proud of you for going out for your walk! I did mine yesterday with Josh, and I whined like crazy because he walks too fast.

irene said...

ahhh Reece is so cute.

Angela in Europe said...

Good luck with the job!

Daphne_Blue said...

Good luck with the job! It sounds like it would be a good fit for you, and I hope you get it. :) It's scary how quickly kids grow up. I don't even want to THINK about when Marissa starts dating...