Friday, March 24, 2006

And I Still Have Two More Days Of Fun

Emily and Reece have been on their Spring Break this past week and I was off work yesterday, so I decided that would be a good day to spend hanging out with them. Dawn was working all day and although Emily’s old enough to babysit, I thought I would go over and spend a few hours with them as an unofficial babysitter. I called their house at 10:40 that morning and Reece answered. “I was just about to call you, Nessa,” he said, “Emily’s still in bed and when I tried to wake her up, she said she wanted to sleep for thirty more minutes and I’m really bored. Will you come over?” “I was calling to tell you I was coming over, Reece,” I said. “How long will it be?” Reece asked. “I’ll be there in ten minutes,” was my reply. “Good,” he said, “that will give me time to fold some clothes.” He is nothing like I am. Or his dad. Or his sister. We always wait until the last possible moment to undertake our household chores, but Reece was going to do his chores straightaway. I’m glad he didn’t inherit our procrastination gene.

When I arrived at their house, Emily greeted me at the door with her sleepy eyes and her cell phone in her hand. I think she sleeps with it. We spent the entire day, with the exception of lunchtime, when Dawn came home for a bit, watching movies. We snuggled on the sofa, covered in blankets and it was great fun trying to figure out the plot of “The Matrix.” They loved it. Emily recognized the Utopia v. Dystopia elements of the movie. How smart can a twelve-year-old be?! We also watched “Flight Plan” and we loved the suspense of the movie. It was my favorite kind of day, when I have both sweeties curled up with me and they are not fighting and everything is right with the world.

I awoke this morning to dog shit on every carpeted surface of my house. Roxy is staying with me while Auntie Linda is out of town. I’m not sure I will feed her another morsel while she is here. If it isn’t ingested, it can’t reappear on my carpet, right? Nothing like a diarrhea doggie to snap me back to reality and get me in a cleaning mood.

Oh! And, I filed my taxes today. March 24. That’s a new record. Usually I’m one of the idiots speeding to the post office at midnight on April 15. Maybe Reece’s good habits are rubbing off on me.


Miz S said...

Don't even mention the Matrix to me! I still don't understand that movie. Josh has forbidden me to demand that he explain it, because it always ends up with me saying in a whiny voice, "But I don't GET it!"

I did, however, buy a Toyota Matrix so that whenever I go anywhere I can call Josh and say, "I'm in the Matrix."

thebluechild said...

Thanx for the movie suggestions although I've already seen the matrix trilogy. Flightplan I havent so now I plan to. N about the dog.... U'd be surprised!!!

Crazy MomCat said...

Those kids are so lucky to have such a cool aunt! What a fun day for you all!