Wednesday, March 08, 2006


To my sister-in-law, Dawn, the woman who not only gave birth to my niece and nephew and made my life complete, and puts up with my brother on a daily basis, but who also lost her name with the birth of my niece. She became "Emily's Mom" and "Dawn" went right out the window. So, sis-in-law, Emily's mom, Reece's mom, and finally, DAWN, I am hereby giving you back your name and promise only to refer to you as E's or R's mom, or SIL when I'm talking to someone who does not know you. I enjoyed having lunch with you today and talking about things other than our children. Oh, I mean your children. Looking forward to the family party on Friday night!

Now, back to me. My computer's been plagued with a plethora of paralyzing viruses and I had to take it to Dan The Computer Man to have it repaired. I just got it back about an hour ago, so I'm very behind on my blog reading and missing my friends.

Okay, so that's it for now. I need a little nap after all that Mexican food I had for lunch. Plus, I'm unemployed. I'm supposed to sleep more.


Daphne_Blue said...

LOL, it's too true that once our kids reach a certain age we become known as "so-and-so's mom". What a pretty picture, I hope you all enjoy the birthday festivities! And I'm glad to hear that you have your computer back, and that it's all better now. :D

DebbieDoesLife said...

Looks like you took her to a really nice place for her birthday too....with fake trees....wrapped in lights.

Hope your computer feels better. I'll bet your bank account doesn't. My virus/computer man cost me $150 last time.

Angela in Europe said...

Happy Birthday, Dawn!