Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This Thing Called LIFE

The family had such a fun time celebrating with Reece yesterday. He chose
IHOP as his place to dine on his birthday last night. Isn't that cute? I
love it that he gets to choose. Emily chooses on her birthday, as well, and
we always look forward to these celebrations. They have their parties with
their friends on the weekend after their birthdays, but the family always
celebrates on their actual birthdays. Reece loaded up on pancakes and we
knew it was a true party when the chocolate milk got spilled. (Remember
when it wasn't a party until the cops came? Yeah, times have changed.) We
all had a good time eating and watching him open his gifts. Everyone
enjoyed it, that is, except Emily. She's never been too thrilled to watch
her little brother open gifts without her participation. The older she
becomes, however, the easier it is for her. That's a sure sign she's
maturing, which is supposed to be good, but I don't want her to mature too
much. I want her to be eight years old just like Reece. It really gets on
their nerves when I tell them that, since they are kids who want to grow up
as quickly as I wanted to when I didn't know better either!! I couldn't
wait to grow up when I was a kid, as did everyone I knew. I think that's
the worst irony about being an adult: remembering how great it actually was
to be kid, but also remembering how much we wanted to be adults, because it
looked so great to be an adult. What a thing life is, huh?


Krystyn said...

If only we could be eight years old again, huh? Once I told my kids I was going to have to figure that one out so we could play together. Then I'd make their stepdad little too. They seemed very concerned about who would take care of them, and only briefly considered the dog before announcing I'd have to "stay old." Little dudes crack me up.

Angela in Europe said...

Ahh to be a kid again, no work, running because it is fun and not for exercise, sleeping 10 hours a night, not knowing what indigestion is....those were the days!

Amanda Sue said...

ah, the naps. i just miss the sleep.

okay, and eating what i want without worrying.

oh, and not having to do laundry.