Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Once upon a time, a girl asked a guy "Will you marry me?"
The guy said, "No."
And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping,
dancing, camping, drank martinis, always had a clean house,
never had to cook and farted whenever she wanted.

~~~The End~~~

(Thanks, my friends, for the good words of encouragement!)


Crazy MomCat said...

Hehehe...thanks for a good laugh before I stop my blog reading obsession for the evening. This was great!

MistressMary said...

Aw. I missed your stressed-out post yesterday. Hang in there! You have been studying your ass off. You can't do more than that. Also, I think I asked you before, but I don't know if you told me (I'm SO SENILE!), what type of masters program are you applying for?