Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stressed Aunt Vanessa

Stressed Kitty
Originally uploaded by Aunt Vanessa.
Okay, so I'm a little stressed right now. The GRE is on Monday at 11:00 and it's four hours long. So, I must study. That's what I'm busy doing and that's why my eyes are so yellow. Everytime I think about the test I have diarrhea.


quycksilver said...

Awesome picture.
I don't envy you your studying, but at least you are preparing. . .

good luck!

Amanda Sue said...

i am sure you will do GREAT! didn't you already take the GRE for your masters? are you trying to be a career student? :)

Nicole said...

You'll be fine.


And then go kick some GRE ass.

Elaine said...

Now for some white girl smack talk:
Gurl. GURL! You are so up in da grill of the GRE. You'll smack that bitch down. Yo.

Shit, I'm no good at smack talk.

Study your ass off, believe in your brain and you'll do fine. We'll keep things crossed over here until we hear how you did!

Daphne_Blue said...

You're going to do GREAT. Yes you are. Deep breaths in the meantime!


Ty said...


Once I had a nursing exam that was stressing me out. And you of all people know how I worry about things. Tab and Jada were walking around the house in fear of their lives. Finally the night before the exam, Tab said to me " Mom, get plenty of sleep tonight, eat a good breakfast, and don't forget to bring 2 sharpened pencils with good erasers." If only it were that simple!!!!! Study but don't worry. God Bless.

irene said...

you can do it you can do it you can do it YOU CAN DO IT!!!!