Saturday, July 23, 2005

Since No One Reads Blogs On Saturday, I Can Publish This, Which I Love

Henry Seidel Canby from Walt Whitman, An American

Page 22

I do not believe that an inability or unwillingness to hold a paying job, or even to stick to an assigned task, is a sign of literary promise, but these traits are very characteristic of men whose inner life is active and demands nourishment. Already one can say that Walt was practising, what later he preached, as did Thoreau, that living is more important than making a living. 'Some men lead professional lives — some men just live,' he said to Traubel years later. 'I prefer to just live.'


Amanda Sue said...

wait, wait! I read blogs on saturdays! :)

what a great quote. maybe i should write a book since this pretty much describes me!

are said...

I read blogs on saturdays!!!

Daphne_Blue said...

"... living is more important than making a living."

I like that part best. *wink*

Make that 3 people that read blogs on Saturdays, LOL!