Thursday, July 03, 2008

What are you doing on July 4th?

Hope everyone has a good holiday! It's supposed to stop raining here today and the weekend is going to be mild and dry! That will make it perfect for going downtown and hanging out and stopping in all the great shops. My mom and Auntie Linda are coming up tonight and staying until Sunday. I worked on the apartment all week, cleaning, organizing, etc. That's one of the best aspects of having company for me - it inspires me to get the house in order!

My brother, Dave, took the family to Chicago this week for a family vacation. Emily texted me a few photos of the Chicago skyline and a view from the Sears Building. She's having a blast. They even got to go to a Cubs game and she texted me to watch the game and look for her. Of course I did it, but didn't see her. They're in Minneapolis now at the Mall of America. I told Dave he'd need to put diapers on Dawn and Emily before they got to the mall because they won't be able to contain themselves when they see all the shopping possibilities. I should have included Reece in that diaper joke, too, because he's as much a shopper as his mom and sister. I hope Dave is taking some B12 and drinking lots of coffee.

I'll be "Ca-chinging it" at the casino, I'm sure, while the fireworks are going on everywhere. Can't wait!

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