Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jocular, Pithy, and Scintillating = Words Not Used to Describe This Post

This is a photo Lisa sent from Zambia. Lisa's doing a great job of keeping everyone posted on her Peace Corps adventure.

Back to the ordinary:

I took the day off yesterday to attend a library conference in the morning and take Abby to the vet in the afternoon. I ran my legs off all day and it was so hot I was miserable. I dropped off Abby at 7:30, then went back home to get ready for the conference, which was over at noon, then ran errands, including having my car waxed, then decided to do a little shopping before I met with Abby's doctor. Turns out Abby's fine, so the frequent stress-induced indoor urination is "behavioral." Duh. I was pretty sure of that already, since she's able to hold it all day while I'm at work, but when events alter slightly from the ordinary, she pees all over the place. I prefer to call it emotional instead of behavioral, since I don't think she has a choice. There's nothing medical I can do for her, so she'll continue to wear a diaper whenever we vary her routine and hopefully I'll still be welcome in my mother's house.

I have been home all day with a migraine, but it's better now. It started at the mall yesterday. I should have known. A little more stress than usual, the heat, and the mall sent my brain over the edge. I did find a skirt, however, for $3, so it was worth it. Yes, three bucks, marked down from $55. How about that? I never have such luck. And, I haven't worn a skirt in several years. All this change!

Next week is my last week at work and then I'm going to Arkansas to visit the family and some friends. Can't wait to see the boy and girl. Reece and I already have plans to see the third Mummy movie and spend some time at Petco and definitely have ice cream at least once. He asked me if we could go to the water park while I'm home and I quickly demurred. I told him I'd like to be considered his indoor aunt.

I'll be celebrating my birthday while I'm home, which means CAKE! Emily is going to Florida for several days while I'm home, but she's coming back in time to return to Columbia with me for four or five days. And, Auntie Linda and her granddaughter, Halen, are coming up while Emily's here and we will continue the party for a few more days. I don't know when I've had so much FUN planned. Can't wait to get started.

Almost forgot - THIS BOOK is one of the best I've read all year. Highly recommend it, but know that you won't want to put it down once you start reading it.

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Miz S said...

Abby in diapers has got to be quite a sight. How about a picture? Or do you not want to be labeled as the crazy dog lady?

That book looks great! I am putting it on my list. Have fun in Arkansas if you don't post between now and then.