Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday is the Best

Busy day already. I had the oil changed in my car, bought groceries, returned some books to the library, checked out two more (more about that later) and talked to my brother, Dave, on the phone. I need to return my cable modem and get one that works from the cable company, but I forgot about it until just now and they close at noon on Saturday, so I'll continue to pirate the internet from one of my neighbors until next week. I've been aggravated with the internet for several weeks and the tech support people told me I had a bad splitter, so I bought a new one, and I'm still having trouble with my connection. So, I have decided it's either the cable cord or the modem box. I also can't remember how to connect my router, but that's another mess I'll deal with later.

I haven't told you guys about my wonderful Memorial Weekend with Reece. Oh, we had a blast. We shopped, bought lots of Mizzou gear, ate some really good food, shopped more, went to an air show, went to the movie, watched several DVDs, and played! It was fun being a ten-year-old for a weekend. Of course, it took me a week to recover, but it was absolutely worth every minute. Reece is still a sweet little boy and hasn't gotten to the age yet in which he refuses to have anything to do with his old aunt, so I'm taking advantage of every opportunity I can right now! Here are a couple of pics from the weekend:

This was at the air show. The show wasn't that great, but Reece came home with a ton of free stuff, so he loved it. And, he had two barbeque sandwiches which he said were great. He's so stinkin' cute.

We bought this outfit (he'd never call it an outfit, though) on Saturday morning and he wore it for three days straight. Not that I'm trying to recruit him for Mizzou or anything...

Back to my books. I just finished THIS ONE which is worth reading, and THIS ONE which was so bad I was angry that I wasted my time reading it. So don't bother unless you want to read about flawless characters and completely useless prose that didn't make any sense, especially about the Iraqi war. I can't say enough bad stuff about this book, but I'll never read anything else written by Gilchrist. True, I'd only read a couple of her novels, and didn't love either, but I was hoping she's redeem herself with this one, but she didn't.

I picked up THIS BOOK today. If you read the reviews you'll want to read it, too. Also, plan to start THIS after I finish the first one. Harold Bloom says McCarthy is one of the three greatest living American writers. Anyone have an opinion on that?

I have two weeks remaining in my practicum and when I walked in to Cataloging last Thursday, one of the dept. heads asked me when I was graduating. Hmm...Then, the head of cataloging told me everyone there wants me to come back. She said she's going to try to get a job opened up for me by next May. To say that that would be nice would be like saying I mildly enjoy chocolate.

I'll post new pics on Flickr sometime this weekend, so if you want to see more of the Cutest Boy in the World, be sure to take a look.


WAIT! I forgot to mention Emily! She's as beautiful and smart as ever and we had a good talk yesterday on the phone. (I love you, Sweetie.)


Library Lady said...

Reece looks adorable as an astronaut!
(Though I know he'd hate being called adorable :) )

Thank you for your nice comment about my recent posts. I think of you too as a friend-- just one that I haven't met in person!

And I will keep my fingers crossed about the job. I still can't believe a nice person like you wants to be a (yeech) cataloger, but I guess someone out there has to do it, heh,heh,heh!

Miz S said...

Sweet news about the possible job opportunity!

Your weekend with Reece sounds really fun. How lovely for him, to have an aunt who dotes the way you do.

Irene said...

he looks so big now!

he's so lucky to have a wonderful aunt like you...