Monday, January 14, 2008

Why I Love Living in Columbia

I was so productive this past weekend, I don't know what to do with myself. Saturday I got up early and did laundry and ran errands, including getting the oil changed in my car. After the oil change, I drove across the street to the over-priced car wash. While I was in line to check in my car, I noticed a burning smell, then smoke started coming out of the hood of my car. My new car. I opened the hood and it was nothing but some spilled oil burning off, so I wasn't concerned at all. I've been through that before and it's no big deal, you just have to wait for it to burn off. After the car wash, I went to evil Wal-Mart and when I got out of my car, I heard, "Ma'am. Ma'am!" I turned around and the woman parked in front of me got out of her car and told me my car was overheating. I explained to her what was happening, and then the woman parked next to me, who had a carload of kiddos, got out of her car and told me we needed to check to make sure the oil-change guys actually put oil back in my car when they were changing it. I got a paper napkin out of my car, and we (all three of us) proceeded to examine the stick to see if there was any oil on it. There was, and I thanked the two women and they then made me call the oil change place and tell them the situation, which meant I had to take the car back in and they cleaned off all the oil, yada, yada, yada, free car wash, we're so sorry for the inconvenience, ma'am, yada, yada. The point of this story is, nowhere else in the world are people as nice as they are here. Come visit me and see for yourself. I have more examples, but I'll save them for later. You know, to build some suspense and keep all three of you coming back for more.

I just finished THIS SHOWTIME SERIES yesterday and I loved it. Of course, the writers take some creative licensing with historical facts, and it's got a bit of soap opera characteristic to it, but overall it's fairly accurate. What makes it such a good series is the fact that it examines more details than just Henry VIII's love life. It's a must-see if you love the Renaissance period. Oh, and the costumes and the jewelry are the best I've ever seen. They really didn't skimp on this show.

Did I mention Auntie Linda and I are going to Ireland in May? I'm starting to get excited about it after starting to read some of the tour guides. Last time I went to Ireland was with a tour group and I had to follow the crowd. This time, I'm planning the itinerary and it's going to be so fun!

Classes begin next Tuesday and I checked online today and I already have syllabi for my classes. I refuse to start any work until the official first day of classes, unlike some geeks who have already started some online posting with our assignments. Overachievers, give me a break. Our professors are not reading your work, you suckups.


Miz S said...

I love random encounters with strangers like that. Columbia sounds awesome.


Nicole said...

sounds like you are doing well!!! i LOVE getting your emails so keep them coming. let me know the next time you are going to be in town. maybe i can travel down to the big city of jonesboro and we can do lunch! haha