Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Holiday

Since next Monday is a holiday, I'm taking off tomorrow afternoon and driving to Arkansas for an extended weekend. Classes begin next Tuesday and I won't have much time to make visits to Arkansas for a while. Have no specific plans except for getting together with the clan on Saturday night for dinner and probably meeting people for coffee and breakfast and movies and more eating. Geez. Sounds like all we do is eat. That's not accurate. We also drink.

Speaking of eating, I went to Weight Watchers last night and lost the extra Christmas pounds I'd put on, plus a little more. I don't intend to make weight loss claims every single time I post, but this is different. For the first time in I don't know HOW long, I weigh less in January than I did the previous December. Triumph. And that's all I'll say about weight, fat, dieting, etc. for a long while.

I think I've overdosed on the Tudor period. I watched this movie last night. Of course I loved it. Richard Burton? Of course! They don't make 'em like him anymore.

HERE's what I'm reading now. I'm only on page 50, but the history of the castle is interesting and it's written by a writer and it's smooth and well-written and full of big words. Vanessa: Lit Critic for Dummies. Truly, however, if you ever go on a castle-touring holiday, you find yourself wondering about all those past generations who actually called a castle their home. If so, then try to acquire this book. It will please thee.

Enough procrastinating. I need to go pack.

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