Monday, November 26, 2007

Very Thankful For This Crazy Bunch

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate lots of food and then dessert, then more dessert, and we did not quit until there was nothing left!

Emily and I got to spend some quality time together lunching and shopping and seeing a movie and taking stupid pictures which I'll never show anyone!

Reece was in rare form Thanksgiving night and let me have lots of hugs and kisses.

Grandmother Bera and I had a good visit, too. She told me lots of stories about her childhood and even told me a couple of secrets that I'll never reveal! It was great spending some time with her over biscuits and coffee.

My mom cooked some really good food and was in good form and enjoyed having all her babies around for the holiday.

Both brothers and sis-in-law enjoyed themselves too and I got lots of pics of them as well. Dawn made her sweet potato dish that we all love. Dave and Don cracked us all up, as usual.

I only saw Auntie Linda Thanksgiving night. I never get to spend any time with her when I'm home. However, that just makes her want to come and see me more where we can bond over popcorn and cigarettes and slot machines. Gosh, I'm getting all teary-eyed now.

Oh! and, I finished my Christmas shopping. All of it. Yeah!

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Miz S said...

How the hell did you finish your Christmas shopping already? AND WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME BY SAYING SO?