Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Sunday

Anything. That's what I'll do to keep from working on a paper. It's 4:12 p.m. and I've been piddling around the house, took a long, exfoliating shower, ironed clothes, cleaned the kitchen, reorganized my bedroom closet, even called my grandmother. Now I'm waiting out a bid on eBay for something I don't need. Guess I don't want to work on this paper, right? It's just that it's so boring and I've written a dozen of these papers about what direction, or "vision" you see your imaginary library going in the next five years. Bleh. If it weren't the same professor as my previous classes, I swear I'd copy and paste crap from my other papers. I won't do that, but it was nice thinking about how easy it would be.

Grandmother Bera is 92, you know, and she is so funny. While we were on the phone earlier today, she started telling a story about how she got gum on her pants, and she told me this story already, two weeks ago, but I didn't have the heart to tell her that, so she started telling me again, and then stopped and asked, "Is this call costing you?" Then, like an idiot, I said, "No, Bera, I have free weekends on my plan." So, shit, she told me the entire story again. Then, after a while we got around to talking about dieting, which we ALL are doing all the time in the family, and she said she's gone without her supper every night for the past week. (She's not overweight, either.) I didn't say it to her, but I thought, man, if I make it to 92, I'm going to have a hot fudge sundae every damned night of my life.

We have a Thanksgiving luncheon at work this week and it's a feast to be ashamed of, really. I have an appointment with my advisor a half hour before the luncheon, however, and I might miss it, and atually hope I do. Did I mention I'm on my 12th week on Weight Watchers? I'm down a size in my britches and my boobs are actually not screaming when I put on my bra! My goal is simply to get through Christmas without gaining any weight and then I think I'll have the problem under control. I'll always be a foodaholic, however, so if I slip and eat everything in sight, then I'll have to start over again. That's the best I can do and I've come to terms with it. Finally.

HERE's what I'm reading now and I hope it gets better than I think it is now. I think I'm on page 40, and I'm not in love with it, but I have a 100-page limit rule to which I adhere, so it has 60 more to redeem itself before I chunk it.

Finally watched "Sicko" and I'm seriously thinking about becoming an expatriot when I finish school. I've wanted to go live in Ireland or England for years, but now I'm seriously thinking about it. If you haven't seen the movie, go rent it. Michael Moore's moviemaking gets better with every film he makes and I can't imagine how he and his crew came up with some of the ideas in the film.

Abby and I watched a dog show last night on the Animal Planet network. She sat in my lap and watched it. She's been doing that as long as I can remember. She never watches anything on television, but sometimes her ears will perk up when she hears a dog bark on TV, but when it's a dog show, she actually watches it. When certain really large breeds come on, or when the breeds that look similar to Roxy (Auntie Linda's Maltese) come on the screen, her ears stand up and she gets completely still. It's the funniest thing to watch her do this and I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself.

Dave, stop reading now.

The antibiotics finally kicked in and my throat is better. I was tired of feeling awful and worried that I wouldn't feel well for Thanksgiving, but I'm good now. Just in time to start my period.

You were warned, Dave.

I just won something on eBay, so I need to go pay and then walk Abby and then write a paper. Did I mention that I have a paper due next week?



Miz S said...

Getting through Christmas without gaining weight is a worthy goal, one that we can all shoot for. And I agree with you 100% that if I am 92 years old I am going to eat AND DRINK whatever the hell I want.

Your techniques for procrastination seem very similar to mine. How would my closets ever get clean if I weren't procrastinating?

Library Lady said...

My cats generally don't react to the TV, but occasionally Bella's ears will prick up if she hears anything that sounds like KITTENS! She's still a mother at heart I guess.

My dad is 87 and doesn't ever get to have a hot fudge sundae because the diet my mom keeps him on doesn't allow for it. Still, it's kept him going this far, and he enjoys what he IS allowed to eat.

Glad you're feeling better. And cheers on the weight loss!