Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's TOO HOT to Blog

I sweat just thinking about going outside. I was talking to my brother, Dave, a few minutes ago, while I was walking Abby, and he said it was all Al Gore's fault. What started as a pleasant exchange of greetings and adoration quickly developed into me telling him he was wrong and him telling me to get off my liberal highhorse for two seconds. Gosh, I miss him so much! He's got all this crap information he wants me to read that proves the issue of global warning is false, so I made a deal with him: I'd read it if he'd agree to watch An Inconvenient Truth. I'll let you know if he holds up his end of the deal. (I love you, Dave!)

Emily is doing well. She's had a couple of bad headaches, but her brain is still working and she doesn't have any swelling, so I think she's going to be alright. Her softball team placed fifth at the Fastpitch World Series. That means she plays on a team that is 5th in the world, or at least in the U.S. Amazing. Good job, Emily.

That's it for now. My laptop is producing so much heat my legs are sweating and Abby's burning up my right thigh, so I'm going to go have a nice cold beer now. I'll be back this coming weekend. I want to tell you about some good books and movies!

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