Monday, August 20, 2007

Girls' Weekend

This is such a good photo of the girls! Auntie Linda brought her granddaughter, Halen, to visit over the weekend. Halen is eleven years old, and like her cousin, Emily, she loves to shop 'til she makes me drop. We had a great time and did all those fun girlie things such as manicures, pedicures, spending four hours looking for the perfect handbag, going to the movie and eating chocolate. Couldn't have been a more perfect weekend, and I think I even recruited Halen to become a Mizzou Tiger.
Now I have a complaint. I eat lunch at work every day. Usually it's a Lean Cuisine or a Weight Watchers frozen dinner. I have my favorites, but I do like variety, so I try different ones frequently. I was at the grocery store Friday, and it was quite crowded in the frozen section and I couldn't get to the Lean Cuisines or the WWs, so I grabbed a couple Boston Market dinners. I ate one of the lasagna dinners today and thought it was good, but no better than a Lean Cuisine or WW. Then, only after I'd eaten the entire thing, did I check the calories. Five hundred. That's 5-0-0 calories for a lousy frozen lasagna. It sort of made me ill. If I'm going to have a 500-calorie meal, I expect something to be battered and fried!

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