Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chicken Poop For My Soul

All familial reports are that my nephew had a splendid birthday. And, just as he was wrapping up the week-long celebration, the smallest smattering of snow descended upon Arkansas and he got two days off from school. He was quite happy.

There's still snow on the ground here in Missouri and I have come to terms with it. It will be here forever and Abby will just have to get used to it and so will I. What's all this talk about global warming, anyway? It's seven degrees. In Missouri. That's all I have on the subject.

I'm getting ready to watch Little Miss Sunshine. It's a reward to myself for completing my cataloging homework. If I hadn't instilled some sort of personal reward system, I'd never do the damned homework. It is quite excruciating. And so is attending class two nights per week. I am exhausted by Fridays and end up napping on the sofa by 9:00.

I'm not altogether unhappy, however. I'm living in a pretty cool place and I don't hate my job and my Thursday night class is interesting. I also have a good friend, Sandy, who just happens to be in said class and that's wonderful. Dawn is another good friend I've acquired. She's also a coworker, so I get to see her every day. Things could be much worse, so when I'm feeling homesick I try to remember that.

This is pathetic, I know! I have not written on a worthwhile topic (except Reece and Emily) in the longest time. I think of topics when I'm doing other things, and then when I have the chance to post, I have forgotten all of them. That, and I'm just lazy. I'd rather read everyone else's blogs than write my own. I'm even too lazy to comment on theirs most of the time.

Note to Auntie L: I miss your smart mouth.

Note to Dave: sorry I mentioned your doctor's visit on my blog. I'll never, ever, reveal anything about you again on "Aunt Vanessa."

Additional note to Dave: That was a lie.

Note to Mom: When are you going to get a puppy? You need one.

Note to Emily: You are perfect and I love you so much my heart cracks when I think about you.

So, to wrap up this fascinating entry, hey, Wake Up! - hope everyone's doing alright. Why don't you comment and tell me what's up and maybe that'll inspire me write something interesting!



Miz S said...

I want you to post about the kind of stuff that you can't post about because YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY reads your blog.

emily said...

i love you!!! =D

Candee said...

If Aunt Mimi needs a dog, I know a BEAUTIFUL black lab that would love, love, love to have a momma...