Sunday, February 25, 2007

Look Out, World - She's A Teenager!

Originally uploaded by Aunt Vanessa.
You’re not supposed to be thirteen tomorrow, my darling niece. You’re supposed to be THREE and I’m supposed to pick you up at daycare on Friday night after work and you’re supposed to spend the night with me and help me cook dinner. You’re supposed to request that I make mashed potatoes and green peas and make them look like a bird’s nest and you’re supposed to blow out the candles after dinner because you love doing that. After dinner, you’re supposed to jump on my bed and we’re supposed to sing the
Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed song, and you’re supposed to jump up and down with glee and then fall back and, of course, bump your head on the wall behind the bed and then cry (because you did that every time you jumped on my bed) and them I’m supposed to tickle you and you will laugh and get right back up and jump on the bed some more until your fact is red and sweat is running down your cheeks. You’re supposed to take a bubble bath and play with all the plastic bowls and ladles I can find in my kitchen and then when I try to comb out the tangles in your long hair, you’re supposed to cry (because you always did that, too!) and then you’re supposed to listen as I read “Bye Bye Diapers” to you (because that was your favorite book and I still have it and will keep it forever) and then you’re supposed to fall asleep in mid-sentence and I’m supposed to cover you up all snug and safe and kiss you and look at you and realize that these moments are the best life has to offer.

You are not, young lady, supposed to be a teenager who has a cell phone and can send text messages faster that the speed of sound. You are not supposed to be almost as tall as I am and prefer hanging out at the mall to watching “Barney and Friends” and you are not supposed to be having one of those boyfriends, my goodness gracious, are you really that person?

Which brings me to what kind of person you have become in your thirteen years on this earth: you have become a smart, confident, funny, athletic, beautiful goddess of a girl who loves life and is a loyal friend and just a really cool kid. You’re a pretty good niece, too.

Happy Birthday, Emily.

I love you,



Miz S said...

I hate to tell you this, but the next 10 years are going to go by pretty damn quickly, too.

She's a lovely girl, Vanessa. And you are such a loving auntie.

Irene said...

happy belated birthday Emily!