Saturday, January 27, 2007

When It Rains It Pours - Except It's Snow Up Here

There's still snow and ice on the ground and we Columbians (I'm one now) are tired of it. It precipitates some sort of frozen substance on our lovely city every weekend. If we make it through this weekend without any snow or ice we will all be out on the streets tomorrow night dancing for joy.

Weekend before last I broke a tooth. When you start to get old, my young readers, beware: it's not just bone and muscle mass you lose. Your teeth start to give out on you, too. Luckily, I'd already made an appointment with a dentist for a cleaning, so when I called them about the tooth they were quick to get me in to take a look at it. The dentist was a delightful little guy who put some sort of patch on my tooth that would protect it (it killed me to open my mouth in the frigid cold wind) and I made an appointment for last Thursday to get fitted for a crown. I would have settled for a diamond tiara, but the nice dentist insisted on a crown.

Monday morning I spent a good twenty minutes getting the ice off my windshields and took off for work, only to realize that I had a flat tire. "I have a can of fix-a-flat!" I thought. Only thing is, the can had been in my car and it was now frozen solid. So, I drove two miles per hour to the nearest store where I could put air in the tire then drove to Sears to buy a new tire. I'd had the same tire repaired twice and I know when I've been beaten and must submit to the purchase of a new tire.

Yes, this has been a wonderful couple of weeks. On the bright side, however, my dear friend, Sandy, introduced me to the best antique mall and some great used book stores where I stocked up on enough paperbacks to get me through the next six months.

I watched "Thank You For Smoking" last weekend. It wasn't too bad. I'm caught up with "The Sopranos" until they release the second part of Season Six on DVD and I hope to have "Little Miss Sunshine" in my mailbox this afternoon. Netflix is one of the best ideas ever!

School's going alright. I have classes on Monday and Thursday nights so I'm pretty wiped by Friday. Weekends, from now on, will require a lot of studying time. Try reading 60 pages of articles about library cataloging and then complain to me about ANYthing being boring. I will have no sympathy for you.

A note to my brother, Dave: you are the best brother, person, man, I know and I hope you get good news at the doctor's office next week. I love you.

Check back on Monday for a birthday surprise for the Cutest Boy in the World.

Love to all,


Miz S said...

Oh that's a bad run of luck with the ice and the tire and the tooth. OW.

I just watched Little Miss Sunshine last night and it was gooooooood.

Keep on keepin' on.

Irene said...

despite the tooth and ice and flat tire you seem to be doing good my friend.

can't wait to see birthday surprise!