Monday, December 04, 2006

More Talk of Snow

We had the "Snow of the Decade" on Friday, so I stayed in all weekend. I'd missed most of work last week even before the snow due to the worst sinus/bronchial infection I've had in ages. I was happy to be back among the living today, but the drive to work and home today was horrenodus. Never seen snow like this, evah, evah, said Miss Scarlett.

So, anyway, back to the week being homebound. I didn't have to do any schoolwork, so I lounged around and watched the We station, not the WE, but some chic station, that was having "Royal Weekend" all weekend and they played forty-eight hours of royalty, British of course. It was great! And, when I needed a break from that, there were Harry Potter movies playing, too. It was the best lazy, stay-in-out-of-the-cold, weekend you can imagine!

Speaking of royalty, if one of my local theatres does not show The Queen pretty soon, I'm going to have to hurt someone.


Miz S said...

Sounds like a lovely, cuddly weekend.

Anonymous said..., baby. It starts next Wednesday.