Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Trouble With Cars Is...

Did I mention that I've been having a little car trouble lately? A couple of weeks ago, I had filled up with gas and got back in my car and it wouldn't start. Thank goodness for Cingular's Roadside Assistance. I called them and they had help to me in twenty minutes. And, the first thing they asked me was, "Are you in a safe location?" I appreciated that. So, the tow truck guy checked the battery and said it was fine and told me it was the starter and he'd have to tow my car. I got to ride up front with him in his tow truck, since I didn't know anyone to call here in my brand new home. I was thinking, "what the hell did I go and move away from home for?" By the time we got the car to the auto repair place, it was almost 6:30 p.m. and of course they couldn't look at the car until the next day, but when they did, they told me it needed a new battery. Again with the "what the hell?" It seems as if every single time I have car trouble and I have to deal with more than one man about it, I get conflicting diagnoses. It definitely was the battery, because I had it replaced and it starts fine. I will say thanks, however, to tow truck guy for bringing me home that night. But that's all. He was a dumbass about my car and he should have known better.

Oh, and it was funny, I'm sure, seeing me try to heave myself up into the tow truck.

Tomorrow: Part II of the Car Trouble Saga...stay tuned!


Miz S said...

Heave, Ho!

Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

emily said...

yes, why the HECK did u move so far away?