Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sometimes It Takes A While To Get To The Point

Two days in row, I know. Staggering, isn't it?

I had planned to write about my favorite TV shows, but I have something funny to tell you, so I'll save the TV entry for later. Since I've declared I'm going to blog more often, I'm going to have to start hoarding ideas.

Anyway, it's not cool to blog about work, I know, and I won't bore you with it, usually, but today's an exception. The mail comes to our department around 9:30 every morning, and I sort it and distribute it. After all, what else should someone with a master's and another in progress be doing with her time? My boss, Linda, received a Harry & David catalog, you know, the one with the gorgeous-looking pears and chocolates and all those adorable gift boxes. When I handed it to her, I said something witty like, "You've got a new Harry & David here." And she looked at it and began a thirty-minute story about a particular incident when her husband was driving along and got extremely dizzy, and started vomiting all over the place and had to pull into a parking lot and honked his horn...long story short...he ended up in the emergency room and it was determined that he had a severe inner-ear infection. As she was telling this story, I made the usual concerned looks with my face and added a few "Oh, no, how awfuls" just to stay awake mostly, but all the while I was wondering what the hell this story had to do with her new Harry & David catalog! After she finished, she said, "So, anyway, after W-- got better, I sent the ER doctor a basket of food from Harry & David."


Made my morning.

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