Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Final Installment of "The Car Woes Saga"

I had to take my car to the mechanic's this morning at 8:00 for them to check it and find the leak. It's got some sort of leak of transmission fluid, which makes it slip out of drive and into neutral while I'm at a stop light, and it's very irritating. So, I took the car in and waited for over an hour to find out that I'd have to leave the car all day. Of course. I was talking to the guy at the place and Emily called, so when I left the place, I called her back and we talked the entire time I was walking home, which was about three miles. I actually wanted to walk; it is cold and sunny and that's the only condition in which I enjoy walking outside. I don't like to sweat anymore. Must be something to do with getting older, but I absolutely hate being hot these days. Winter cold weather: bring it on. Anyway, back to Emily, she and her family are driving to Branson, MO this morning and asked me to drive down and meet them, but they didn't extend the invitation until this morning, as I was walking home, hence CARLESS, so I won't be making a trip to see them. Thanksgiving weekend is coming up, so I'm not terribly upset about missing an opportunity to see Emily and Reece. Emily told me all about the school dance she'd attended last night and how much fun it was, and then I talked to Reece a little about our plans for Thanksgiving weekend. They are both happy and healthy and smart and perfect kids. Yeah, I sort of love them.

I was reading at the mechanic's this morning and I think my taste in literature is tainted forever. I don't seem to enjoy simple, straightforward fiction like this anymore. It's just too predictable and doesn't challenge its reader. I loved the shit out of this one, however! This is only the second one of his works I've read, but now I must read them all. For my love of weird, difficult literature, I blame one of my professors for teaching a fascinating course on postmodernism. We read all sorts of stuff from writers around the globe and it really opened my mind to the offbeat.

I now must return to writing a paper. I have two due next week and I need to make some progress. That, and I have more "Curb Your Enthusiasm" I want to watch tonight. I love Netfix!

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