Saturday, August 26, 2006

If I Didn't Like Shopping Before, I Loathe It Now

In order to begin a new job, which I’m thinking I have and will know for sure early next week, I needed some work clothes. The last few months I lived in Arkansas, I didn’t care what I wore, and therefore never shopped for clothes. Wednesday I went shopping. I’ve lost a few pounds lately, so I was unsure of my size when I walked into the store. I selected a pair of pants and a shirt and went into the dressing room to get an idea of how they would fit. I thought, why drag twenty items into the dressing room if I don’t know what size I wear? So, off I went with my selections. Remember, it was Wednesday afternoon at around 1:00. Store shouldn’t be too crowded. Hate crowds. I walked into the dressing room and heard a man and woman talking and a baby crying in one of the dressing rooms. The baby never stopped crying and the couple never stopped talking over the crying. That would have been bad enough, but what was a man doing in the dressing room? He was critiquing everything “his” woman tried on. “Oh, no no no no no!” He would say. Then she would whimper, “doesn’t look good?” Then he’d snarl, “No, your butt looks HUGE in those!” I have never heard anything quite this disturbing in my life. His tone was hateful and evil and I half-expected to hear him hit that woman. This went on the entire time I was trying on the pants and shirt. I left the dressing room with my clothes and went to select some more things to try and was gone at least twenty minutes. When I returned, they were still in the dressing room. The man kept up the compliments the entire time, as did the crying baby. “There’s no way I’m going to be seen with you in THAT.” I remember that one verbatim. Then, they argued about how to pay for all of her items (although I never heard him approve of anything she tried on) and he said, “well, did you remember to pay the Visa bill for once?” Thankfully, for his sake, I finished trying on all of my clothes and left before they came out of the dressing room, because the entire time I was in there I was thinking of things to say to that guy. Things I won’t publish, but things you are probably thinking, too!


Miz S said...

Wow, what a huge asshole. That is such a disturbing scenario. Why do some women put up with crap like that?

Anonymous said...

That's insane. She probably thinks she loves him. And what's really sad is she probably looked waaaaayy better than he did. He's probably using his own insecurities (all one word?) to bash at her. Men suck that way. They are unable to be appreciative of the loyalty and unconditional love they receive from their wives/girlfriends, it has to be all about looks. SHEESH!!