Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

In order to stay out of the oppressive heat today, I had the family over for a cookout and we ate indoors. I'm still full. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, and Polish sausage thanks to my brothers and their stellar abilities with a gas grill. There was cheese dip with chips, uh huh, and some very dry homemade macaroni 'n cheese. Dry, because I baked it and didn't use enough cheese sauce, but live and learn. There was apple cobbler thanks to Mom. And, there was...get this...homemade ice cream, thanks to Dawn. Oh, with chocolate and caramel toppings.

Did I mention there was chocolate sauce for the ice cream?

We had the best time playing with Tia, the little darling Chihuahua Emily and family are dogsitting for a week.

Hope you guys all had a great holiday weekend! I absolutely must go now. Yes, there's cobbler in the kitchen and it really needs to be eaten. Right now.


Irene said...

OMG, that t-shirt is hilarious!!!

Miz S said...

I love me some apple cobbler.

It was crazy hot here over the weekend for this early in the summer. We broke down and turned the a/c on yesterday.

Daphne_Blue said...

Love those pics, it looks like you had a good time! :D Totally LOL at the DADD shirt, I might have to pick one of those up for Bryan, hee hee!

Angela in Europe said...

Is it wrong that my mouth watered both times you mentioned chocolate?

Julie said...


Eat that cobbler! That's the best kind of leftover to have.

Sounds like a great picnic.