Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I know it's just two-fifty, but that's not the point...

Before I tell this story, you need to know a little about my hometown, where, minus a time away for college years ago, I’ve lived for forty-three years. You’ll ask yourself why after I tell you more.

I live in a “dry county.” What is that, you ask? It is a dreary, boring place where you cannot buy a bottle of wine around the corner, nor can you pick up a six-pack at the local Kroger. If you want hooch you must drive to the County Line, or “The Line,” as we say here in these parts.

There are ways around this, however, with the loophole called the Private Club. Private Clubs include a couple of country clubs and an Elk’s Lodge and up until a few years ago, a couple of really seedy joints north of town. Recently, however, we’ve been blessed to have five or six new places open that feel more like restaurants and less like clubs. These are actually places where normal folks want to go have a nice dinner and a glass of wine. You can even take the kids along!

Julio’s is one of these places, which is on Main Street, right across from an over-priced Italian restaurant that recently acquired its liquor license, too. In order to eat in such places, you must buy a membership, because they are still considered “Private Clubs.” There’s the loophole, I guess.

I went to Julio’s Monday night. My cousin, Luann, was in town from Austin, so she and her two fabulous sisters, Auntie Linda, my mom, and I met for dinner. When my mom and I walked in, the hostess told us the membership was $5.00. She said, “If you’re married, it’s just five dollars for both of you.” “What if you’re NOT married?” I asked. She said, “then it’s five dollars just for you.” “That’s discrimination,” I complained. She just looked at me. My mom gave a little nervous laugh, which she does when I have embarrassed her. But really, isn’t that unfair? Shouldn’t I have to only pay $2.50, since I’m a single person?

Just another thing that gripes me about the attitude towards single people.


Irene said...

that's so unfair!!! you know, I would have turned to my cousin or aunt and said to the hostess "well, we're married!"

Miz S said...

HAHA! I really like Irene's idea.