Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What I've Been Doing

Last weekend was THE perfect weekend. I completely took a break from all news. No TV, except for rented movies, no newspaper, and no internet. Friday night I watched a DVD, “Warm Springs,” which is the story of FDR’s struggle with polio and his decision to run for president. It’s a good movie, so try to see it. Saturday morning I had a 10:00 appointment to get my hair cut. I then stopped by the used bookstore that’s close to my house, and lucked out on four books, three of them hardbacks, all for twenty bucks! Afterwards, I went home, did some laundry while I cleaned house and listened to Elton John, singing at the top of my lungs, and finished that around 2:00. The weather was nice, so I sat outside and watched the squirrels run around my back yard for a while. I then read until about 7:00 and watched a movie I’d rented, “Hotel Rwanda,” which I highly recommend. Sunday I finished reading Susan Sontag’s In America. I talked to Emily on the phone, then prepared my ESL lessons for classes late in the afternoon. After my teaching, I cooked some stir-fry, ate, then wrapped Christmas gifts and read a couple of short stories and went to bed. I was the happiest hermit on the planet.


Amanda Sue said...

oooh! i love book recommendations.

more on your esl please... are you a student or teacher???

irene said...

ahhh so happy you have great days!!!

Nicole said...

Elton John again... this is becoming a bit of an obsession, isn't it? HA!

So happy to hear you're a happy hermit.

Angela in Europe said...

I would so love to have warm weather again!